Digital Marketing

Digital marketing as a field has been around for a quite while. In fact, it has been since the advent of computers themselves. It hasn’t really been perfectly specified and most of its ideas a losely incorporated in the larger business model, it still is a crucial element of any successful business. It lies under the larger umbrella term of marketing and advertisement. At the helms of digital marketing is SEO. The idea behind SEO is to optimize your product for search engine keyword searches. This takes a lot of effort and includes things such as email outreach, RSS, voice programs, fax program, blog writing, podcasting, video marketing and even instant messages over whatsapp or other messaging platforms.

Television is not part of digital marketing. The advertisement and commercials that you see every so often running on your channels are all part of television advertisment. We are not focused on television. It does not even include radio. Although intuitively speaking, anything related to electronics would entail digital marketing, that is not the case. Digital marketing is purely focused on the marketing efforts done via computer. Signboard created via computer don’t count either.


Digital marketing almost entirely focuses on the internet. It is about getting something viral and out there on the internet. Social media marketing is part of digital marketing, which is also a huge part of SEO. It is also a huge part of search engine marketing where terms such as PPC and CPC come into play. As you can see, everything in the digital marketing space is related. SEO is related to social media marketing and social media marketing is related to digital marketing.

So what exactly do you need in order to be a successful digital marketer. Unless you are running a huge agency, you don’t really need much, If you can find yourself a decent computer with a nice Best IPS monitor then you can start your journey. All it takes is commitment and dedication. You can start off by either learning Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing or Search Engine Marketing. Learning Search Engine Marketing requires money as you will be testing paid advertisements placement. Search engine optimization is a huge field. It is the cheapest to learn, but also very demanding. Social Media Marketing depends all on what kind of personality you really are. If you think you are out going and have a good grasp of how things go viral and what kind of things go viral then you will find social media marketing easy for you.